Many machine shops can make parts to print.  At New-Tec Tool we use innovative processes, developed through experience and refinement to streamline detail manufacturing.  Our approach enables us to take on jobs that other shops cannot.

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Our philosophy regarding quality can be captured in the statement: “It is not a mistake unless it leaves the shop”.  We train our people to take responsibility for their work and produce each detail with pride at the quality level required by the customer.

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We understand the responsibility to meet our customer’s cost expectations without negatively affecting quality. We invest in staff training, continuous process improvements, and modern technology to offer competitive pricing in the global marketplace.

Let us take care of your details

Custom machined parts

Are you struggling with parts that are not machined within specified tolerances?

Do you have to wait for parts on back order?

Are you paying too much for precision CNC work?

At New-Tec Tool Ltd. we strive to minimize our customer’s ‘detail anxiety’. We are committed to deliver machined details, within the promised lead time, manufactured to your specifications, at affordable prices.

Our specialties include:

  • CNC milling
  • CNC turning
  • Boring mill work
  • Custom assemblies
  • Part fixtures
  • Checking fixtures
  • Custom fabrication
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